Stat Weights – PoM DPS Weapon Damage

Thankfully after the last few posts, weapon damage is fairly straightforward. Unlike most classes who have melee damage as a significant portion of their damage, crane stance actually has a fair bit of damage that is not affected by weapon  damage. Those spells that do scale are as follows: special attacks (Jab, Expel Harm, Rising Sun Kick, Blackout Kick, and Tiger Palm), and melee attacks. What we need to do is see what portion of our damage is those abilities, and then how much they increase when you increase weapon damage.

Looking at the formulas for these attacks, the main drivers of their scaling are weapon damage and attack power. While melee damage has its own ratio, luckily, all of the special attacks share the same ratio of scaling as each other, with their damage differentiated by an overall multiplier. This means that we can add all those together and look at their scaling, then take melee attacks separately.

Once we’ve figured out what portion of our damage is special attacks, and what portion is melee, then we start the scaling. I increased weapon damage by 11 for my scaling because it is a pretty reasonable amount, and multiplies easily for the final stat weight. I just plugged weapon damage+11 into the formulas (I used Jab for the special, but since they all scale the same, you can use any), divide that new damage by the original damage, and subtract 1 to find out the fraction of additional damage that special and melee gain. Then you can multiply those individually to their respective damage fractions, and add them together to find the overall damage increase fraction. Finally you multiply by 100 to get a percentage increase in damage, and then multiply that number by 10 to get to the crit equivalency, since 110/11=10.


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