Stat Weights – PoM DPS Stamina

Wow, this one is super super easy! Stamina affects your DPS through one spell only – Touch of Death. Also, in WoD, you have no base health, only stamina*60. Don’t forget to add in the raid buff  – 10% stamina. To get Touch of Death damage, we’ll multiply that health by a further 1.2, to account for Fortifying Brew. For the Stamina scaling, you can then just look at your current Touch of Death damage, your Touch of Death damage if you had 110 extra stamina, divide the second by the first, multiply that by the portion of your overall damage that Touch of Death is, and then multiply by 100 to convert it to percent. That’s it, and (with the mastery bug being fixed in the current PTR build), that finishes our stat weights!


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