Taking a look at Soul Capacitor

I was glancing through the heroic HFC rankings today, and went to see why Asterixz put up such a great log on Iron Reaver. Right away Spirit Eruption jumps out at you – that’s an agi trinket! Obviously the result was good for him, but is Soul Capacitor actually a good choice, with Agility not increasing AP for mistweavers?

First, let’s figure out the effect of Soul Capacitor. This is actually pretty straightforward for MW – with 1.0PPM, and the mythic version doing a 135.42% explosion of your damage over 10 seconds, the math is easy. 10/60*0.3542= .0590333, or a 6% damage increase.

For a quick sanity check against the log, his explosions were 2.07m off 1.53m absorbed damage, for an extra 540k damage. He did 4.88m total damage, so the extra damage was 4.88/(4.88-.54), or 13%! This seems like a big difference from the expected damage increase, but that didn’t take into account a couple things. First, Asterixz did a great job of bursting during the Soul Cap procs, especially getting Touch of Death off in the second one (the Touch of Death alone increased his damage by 179k damage, or 4% – a huge chunk of that 13%). Secondarily, and much less important, was the fight length.

Let’s now take a look at some other trinkets, to see how they compare. The easiest way I could think of was to take my sheet with the BiS list, which includes the Iron Reaver Piston. With everything equipped, I come out with 51018.32 DPS over 3 minutes on 1 target with Zen Sphere. Subtracting the stats from Iron Reaver Piston, that goes down to 47284.29. That means that the Iron Reaver Piston is a 7.9% damage increase – higher than the average Soul Capacitor increase, but less than Asterixz’s great usage.

How about IG? Well, a significant part of IG’s value is in the spirit, but for fights as short as 4 minutes, the spirit you have from the legendary ring covers all your mana needs, with Zen Sphere (with Chi Burst, that goes down to just over 3 minutes). Even with the Spirit doing nothing, though, adding back IRP and subtracting IG gives DPS of 47667.87, for a damage added of 7.03% – still more than the average Soul Capacitor.

What did we learn from all this? Well, in a long fight, Soul Capacitor is probably not better than IG or IRP. However, in a short fight, it might edge ahead, depending how well the procs line up with your burst periods. If you’re going for a #1 parse, it’s certainly the trinket that can get you the best overall results when it lines up well.


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