Finishing PoM DPS Multistrike: Jade Mists

When we last left off with the stat weight posts, we were partially done with Multistrike as a stat weight. We’d taken into account the base damage increase from MS, the increased tiger strikes uptime, and the 5% bonus to MS from gear you get thanks to Jade Mists. Then I got stuck when I tried to figure out the contribution that Jade Mists’ other function, which is a chance equal to your multistrike to reset the charge of Rising Sun Kick when you use it (this can’t chain – if you reset on one RSK, the “bonus” RSK can’t proc another reset).

We’d gotten as far as to figure out the spare globals in a base 8 second cycle, but that was about it. I believe I’ve finally figured out the missing link from there. Based on the amount of spare globals and your effective multistrike%, you can figure out how much of the spare global(s) goes to using up RSK resets, and how many are used for BoK. This is the first post I have where the math gets too complicated to write out full equations in the post, so mosey on over to the spell data spreadsheet and make a copy if you want to follow along and play around with the numbers.

Quick intro to the spreadsheet here – the first tab is mostly for entering your stats, talents, food buff options, and estimated Tiger Strikes uptime (using the sim currently, haven’t implemented the formula that Geodew came up with and I’m trying to verify). The second tab takes your stats and the spell formulas and translates it into actual damage per cast numbers. One thing to note is that crit, multistrike, and versatility don’t currently affect any of those DPC numbers, and really are only currently factored in for the final stat weights and the DPS guess on the first sheet, right above the laundry list of things I still need to add in to the sheet. PoM DPS tab is the one we’re primarily going to use here, where I’ve tried to encapsulate an 8 second cycle, matching the natural RSK recharge. The fourth tab is for the future!

So, returning to the Jade Mists issue. A1:B12 roughly cover the same information we had in the last Multistrike post. Row 13 is the first small difference – where we left off, we just divided the leftover globals by 3 to see how much of a Jab-Jab-(spender) cycle we had available, but that didn’t account for the fact that the cycle is not exactly that, because of Vital Mists and tier 17 2pc. Columns E-K account for that cycle. I made the decision to waste a stack of Vital Mists here. The 1 chi you spend on TP to get an even 5-stack of VM is used up in what I’ve termed the “maintenance” engine, so the extra RSK/BoKs don’t have a TP to match, meaning you’re going up to 6 stacks instead of 5 before using the Surging. With t17p2, you don’t take up a full 3 globals on the non-maint cycle.

Once you have the amount of free globals, you apportion that to as many RSK cycles you can, and fill the rest with BoK cycles. Then you can add up all the damage you do, throwing in average Xuen damage, and reducing the AA damage to factor in the swing timer resets. These adjustments are currently crude estimates, but I pulled the numbers I used from some Gruul logs, so they shouldn’t be too bad. Once you have the damage you do in an 8 second cycle, then our goal is to see how an increase in multistrike converts to the overall damage increase, and turn that into a stat weight.

The way I approached this was to see how much multistrike would be needed to increase the damage in a given 8-second period by 1%, by converting some of that BoK cycle filler into RSK cycles. This is rows 23 down to 34. What it comes down to is a simple system of equations:
(RSK cyc dmg)*(RSK cycles)+(BoK cyc dmg)*(BoK cycles)+(maint dmg)=(current 8s dmg*1.01)
(BoK cycles)=(spare cycles based on free GCDs)-(RSK cycles)

You plug in the numbers from above and then use some middle-school algebra to solve for RSK cycles. Calling back from above, this mirrors the multistrike%, so you know how much effective multistrike you need to gain. You can cut out 10% because we earlier estimated that multistrike has about a 10% bonus on itself through additional Tiger Strikes uptime, and another 5% thanks to the Jade Mists’s multiplier on gear. Finally, you multiply by 100 to convert it to an actual percentage and then 66 to convert that percentage to rating.

Finally, you need to convert that so we can add it into the stat weight. Remember that what we have calculated today is the additional multistrike rating needed to get a 1% overall DPS gain through Jade Mists’s RSK resets. Now if you remember all the way back to the beginning of the series, we followed Geodew in defining crit as the baseline, with its weight being 1.0 before diminishing returns. In his stat weight post he says this essentially means that 110 rating = 1% hps gained. Multistrike’s base weight is also 1.0, because despite requiring 66 rating for 1%ms, 110 rating is the same gain as 110 crit due to the different mechanics. So, with that in mind, we can divide 110 by the multistrike rating we need for 1% gain to figure out the factor we put into the stat weight. Finally, while all previous factors have been multiplicative on the weights, I believe this one should be additive, because it’s a separate mechanic from the normal diminishing returns/stat bonuses.


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