Stat Weights – PoM DPS Multistrike

Multistrike is the most complicated of the stats we’ve looked at yet. Its benefit comes in three components: the added average damage to all attacks by the increased chance of multistrike on those attacks, the increase in Tiger Strikes uptime, and finally, the benefit from Jade Mists of replacing Blackout Kicks with Rising Sun Kicks.

The first aspect we’ll explore is the most straightforward: the increased chance of multistrike on every attack, the same as crit. This is a little bit easier than versatility, because you don’t have to convert for rating differences. The reason for the rating equivalence is covered better by Geodew in his Serpent Stat weights than I could say it, so click the link to the side if you need more detail.

Next, we have to factor in the additional multistrike you get from Tiger Strikes – higher base multistrike% gives more chance to multistrike on melee attacks, which gives you more chances to proc Tiger Strikes, which gives you a higher effective multistrike% throughout the course of the fight. This means that each multistrike rating on gear is just a little bit better than it would otherwise be.

How much? Well, since we don’t have a great equation for 6.1 Tiger Strikes yet, I ran the sim a bunch of times with the four common base weapon speeds, and haste and multistrike each from 500-2400, in increments of 100. Due to the scale of that simulation, I wasn’t able to run each individual sim as long as I wanted, so the results are not as high fidelity as I would like. The best approximation I could come up with is that 2400 multistrike is about 25% higher Tiger Strikes uptime than 500 multistrike. For example, we’ll use the 2.3 mace, with 900 haste. 500 multistrike is normally 12.57 raid buffed multistrike base, plus 46.14% Tiger Strikes uptime, for another effective 11.54 multistrike and a total of 24.11 average multistrike. Bumping that up top 2400 multistrike, you have a raid buffed 41.36% base ms, and then 57.82% Tiger Strikes uptime, which is 14.46% extra effective multistrike, 55.82 total average multistrike. So without factoring in Tiger Strikes, 1900 multistrike would give 28.79% multistrike, but once you add it in, you have an actual 31.71%. Dividing 31.71 by 28.79 gives 1.104, so we can say Tiger Strikes makes multistrike approximately 10% more valuable.

The other way Tiger Strikes factors into the multistrike weight is that you have to account for it when calculating the diminishing returns – make sure to add the effective multistrike you get to it from raid buffed multistrike when compiling your current multistrike factor in the diminishing returns component.

Now, the final confusing part – Jade Mists letting you replace Blackout Kicks with Rising Sun Kicks, through immediately refreshing a charge of RSK. Since it can’t happen on consecutive Rising Sun Kicks, a 100% multistrike chance means you can replace one Blackout Kick every 8 seconds – the Rising Sun Kick recharge time. A single Rising Sun Kick does 1.65 times as much damage as a single Blackout Kick. Honestly, at this point, I can’t wrap my brain fully around the effects. I’ll continue thinking about it, but for now we’ll just fudge it and say we have enough Haste, and are choosing Zen Sphere, so we don’t ever need to cast BoK outside of keeping the buff up, so additional Jade Mists procs don’t help us out on that end.

(thinking about Jade Mists begins here) You can break down every 8 second period into a set number of globals based on haste (with 1097, 6.44 globals), and then allocate those globals to things you already know happen on average in that period. For example you’ll Tiger Palm every 20 seconds, so an 8 second period will contain .4 Tiger Palms. Crane’s Zeal doesn’t have the same pandemic mechanic that Tiger Palm does, so we’ll say once every 18 seconds for that = .444… Blackout Kicks. One Rising Sun Kick from the charge that naturally regenerates, of course. .8 or .2666… globals to your t30 talent, depending on Zen Sphere or Chi Burst. So far that’s 2.644… globals taken up, with Zen Sphere. Of course we’ve also spent 2 + .4 + (.444*2) = 3.2888 chi, so we need to generate that as well. We get 1.315 from the .658 of a Vital Mists Surging cast (w/ 2pc) we get from spending those chi, and .53 from power strikes. I don’t currently use 4pc, but we’ll throw that in there as well – 8/45*2= .35. This puts us at 2.195 so we need 1.093 jabs still, for a total of 1.75 globals generating the Chi we’re assuming we’re spending. That’s 4.395 globals of our 6.44 used. Our remaining 2.045 globals can be used on roughly 2/3 of a jab-jab-spend cycle, so you need 68% effective multistrike to be able to cover every extraneous BOK with a RSK, I think.

Still working on how to increase the weight if you’re not covering every BOK…

OK, so at 68% you’re covering every extraneous BOK. With 34%, you could only cover half of those BOKs. Not sure where I’m going with this but it feels like a start.

And, of course, don’t forget the 5% amplification to all multistrike on gear than Jade Mists gives as its other effect.

So to wrap it up, we have 1.1*(1/(1+((MS/66)+5+(TSUT/4))/100))*1.05. An additional multiplier will be added in to account for Jade Mists once that’s figured out. If you think you have a way to account for it, or even a good avenue forward from what I have so far, please chime in!


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