Stat Weights – PoM DPS Weapon Speed

Weapon Speed is somewhat of a hidden statistic. Because almost every ability and proc in the game has been normalized to weapon speed, and because most melee items have a standardized weapon speed nowadays, it matters for almost nobody. Because of this, people don’t really think about it when evaluating possible upgrades. However, Mistweavers are different.

Tiger Strikes, starting in patch 6.1, has a flat 10% proc chance on melee attacks and melee multistrikes. Furthermore, caster weapons vary greatly in weapon speed – in BRF, you have a 1.6 speed sword, 2.3 mace, 2.8 axe, and two 2.9 speed staves. Way of the Monk means staves get 55% melee haste, so they count as 1.87 speed. Each of these will give you a different Tiger Strikes uptime.

If you’ve read my 6.2 patch note first look, you’ll remember that Tiger Strikes is currently too complicated for me to figure out an expected uptime formula, so I wrote a sim instead (if you’re a math wiz and think you’ve figured it out, please say something!). I believe it’ll be easier to get a formula in 6.2 once a proc no longer increases the chance for other procs while the buff is up, but for now, we’ll use the sim with my current haste and multistrike values, which are 1007 and 2082, respectively. We’ll then use each different base attack speed to figure out where they stand relative to one another.

1.6: 69.8%
2.3: 56.6%
2.8: 48.5%
2.9 Staff: 61.5%

We’ll use the 2.9s staff as a baseline, simply because there are two of them. 61.5% uptime on a 25% multistrike buff is 15.375% average multistrike. The 1.6s sword, with 69.8% uptime, gives 17.45% average multistrike. That’s 2.075% extra average multistrike, and then you can multiply by 66 to get the equivalent in multistrike rating: 136.95. By contrast, the mace loses (15.375-(.566*25))*66 = 80.85 rating, and the axe loses (15.375-(.485*25))*66 = 214.5 rating. Some simple summing shows that the 1.6s sword has 351.45 extra multistrike hidden in its weapon speed compared to a 2.8s axe. For a final stat weight, we’ll need the multistrike value, which I hope to have ready for tomorrow’s post.


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