Stat Weights – PoM DPS Intellect and Spell Power

Special TGIF stat weight doubleshot! Today we have two closely linked stats, Intellect and Spell Power. 1 Int gives you 1 SP, but some buffs and effects only work on Intellect on items, not Spell Power, so the stat weights do differ between them. For this post, it’s important to remember that Focus and Harmony means your Attack Power is equivalent to your Spell Power.

First up, you need to figure out how much Spell Power it’ll take to be a 1% increase. Go over to your raid buffed stats and pull out your spell power, divide by 100, and there you have it. Then you need to divide 110 by that number, to account for the fact that we’ve been using crit as the baseline.

After that, you have to factor in raid buffs and passives, which are actually multiplicative in this case, rather than additive. Multiply by 1.10 for the Spell Power raid buff, and for intellect, also multiply by 1.05 for the Primary Stat buff and 1.05 for Leather Mastery.

For intellect, you have to factor in the legendary ring. At this point, we’ll assume you have the 715 version, which gives a 15% intellect buff for 10 seconds on a 0.92 base PPM. You take the base PPM, multiply by 1.09 to account for Bad Luck Protection, and multiply by 1.(raid buffed haste%) to account for haste to get your effective PPM. Then you multiply that by 10 (seconds) and divide by 60 (seconds in a minute), multiply by 100 to get your expected % uptime, and then multiply that uptime by .15 to get your average % int gain from the ring proc. Finally you divide that int gain by 100 and add 1 to find the scalar you apply to your other int calculations.

So, for Spell Power, you have (110/[Raid Buffed SP/100])*1.1. For me, that’s (110/[8169/100])*1.1 = 1.48.

For Intellect, you have (110/[Raid Buffed SP/100])*1.1*1.05*1.05*(1+[0.92*1.09*{1+Raid Buffed Haste%/100}]*10/60*100*.15/100). For me, that’s (110/[8169/100])*1.1*1.05*1.05*(1+[0.92*1.09*{1+19.08/100}]*10/60*100*.15/100)=1.682.


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