Stat Weights – PoM DPS Critical Strike

To start this series off, I’ll give yet another shoutout to Geodew’s awesome Serpent Stance stat weights. They form the foundation of these posts and will serve as a guide as I work through the different stats. The major difference – while he uses a BiS gear set to give weights, I’ll instead use my current stats as an example, and give you the formula to find your stat weight. You can also make a copy of my MW spreadsheet and plug in your stats (just log in, unbuffed, and take the values from your char sheet) to get weights.

As Geodew says in his post, Crit is one of the most straightforward stats to calculate. A crit does 200% damage, so your first 1% crit is a straight-up 1% overall damage increase. Geodew sets crit at a base 1.0 value, so I’ll do the same.

The raid buff gives you 5% additive crit, not multiplicative, so we’ll only include it in the diminishing returns section. If it was multiplicative, 100 points on gear would give you 105 points effective, so you’d have to multiply by 1.05, but it’s additive like I said, so you don’t do that.

To account for the diminishing returns, you divide the value by (1+raid crit%). When finding this, it’s important that you take into account Crane’s Zeal, the 20% crit buff you get from casting Blackout Kick. Straight-up add 20% because you should have that buff up all the time. Also make sure to add in 5% from the raid buff, and 5% base all level 100s have. For me, I have 1005 crit rating, so 1005/110=9.14, + 30 = 39.14, so you do 1/(1.3914) = .7187. For you, the easy plug-in formula is 1/{1+[(YourCritRating/110)+30]/100}.


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