Stat Priorities vs Stat Weights

The holy grail of any class-centric theorycrafting is a set of stat weights that allow you to select the best gear. Of course, right away you run into a complication: stat weights change based on what you’re looking for: max DPS, minimizing damage taken (for tanks, or even the raid), whether it’s single target, sustained AOE, burst AOE, or even maximizing burst single-target while maintaining good overall damage. Generally, most stat weights lean towards maxing sustained DPS/HPS, with either pure single-target or an average set of spells you use for a boss fight.

Then there’s the second obstacle to stat weights: math is hard! Stat weights based off spreadsheets or other mathematical calculation may be the most accurate, but require lots of back-end work. You can also get weights from simulationcraft, but that relies on your class to be implemented properly, along with a good Action Priority List.

In the absence of stat weights, we can resort to the second-best option. Stat Priorities tell you what stats to emphasize, but miss the precise values that let you compare, for example, a 695 item with bad stats vs a 680 item with great stats, or two items of equal ilvl but your 1st and 4th best stats vs 2nd and 3rd best. Still, they are a good place to start, and a logic-based guidance when checking to see if the math behind your stat weights is valid.

For Crane Stance, there are two main secondary stat priorities. Luckily, all three PoM approaches use roughly the same stat priority. Multistrike is first – not only do you get 5% bonus from your attunement, but it has the additional effect of increasing Jade Mists procs, letting you fill with RSK and only use Blackout Kick to maintain the debuff. On top of that, higher MS means more Tiger Strikes procs, which has a positive feedback loop on itself. Mastery is last, because it does literally nothing for DPS. In between, we have Crit, Versatility, and Haste.  Finally, you have haste. Haste’s value also fluctuates based off another stat, in this case Multistrike. If you have enough multistrike that you never run out of RSKs, Haste’s value is roughly equivalent to Crit and Vers, again depending on how much you have of each. It starts out slightly ahead, due to only needing 90 rating for 1%. If you are running out of RSKs, the value is severely diminished, because it’s only adding additional BOKs. That gives us a rough order of MS>Haste>Crit>Vers.

For Chi Explosion, all of the above applies, except that multistrike’s Jade Mists effect does nothing for you. In this case, you can pretty simply just use which stat requires the least points to gain 1% – so Haste>MS>Crit>Vers.

Finally, you have to account for Diminishing Returns. If you have 0% of a stat, a 1% increase is just that. If you have 50% of a stat, a 1% increase is in effect only a .67% increase, because you’re going from (in crit’s example) 150% expected damage per attack to 151%, for (151/150)=0.006666… So if you have a ton of a stat, it’s advised to bump it down your priority list. Next up, we’ll tackle stats 1 by 1, trying to figure out hard weights or equations. PoM DPS and ChiEx Healing will be the two setups examined, with PoM DPS first.


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